Thursday, 20 October 2011

Make Up Your Own Mind!

This list of resources for informing yourself about the crisis includes simple 3 minute youtube videos and complicated longer pieces - it includes many different points of view that you are not so likely to see on TV or in the mainstream press. So whether you want a short explanation or you want to start a deep process of study taking years - start here!

On why there is so much debt - 3 minute Positive Money Campaign Video

The Fatal Flaws at the Heart of the Banking System - 49 minute video

Other Positive Money Videos

Money as Debt - 47 minute video by Paul Grignon (or do a google search! )

The Largest Financial Bubble in Human History about to Burst - 6 minute video with Nicole Foss

Internet video interview about the aims of the Occupy Movement and the efforts of the crooks in the finance industry to de-criminalise fraud in their dealings -

Max Keiser Report on Financial War and Fraud waged against the public and the failure of politicians

Money Theory - A Primer on the issues - Brian Davey

Audio recording of money theory talk for Nottingham Cafe Economique - MPEG audio streams

Other web resources and websites - including those focusing on the energy crisis (people cannot service their debts and pay their fuel bills too - the two crises are connected...)

Nottingham Cafe Economique - Facebook - relatively easy to follow


On the Cusp of Collapse: Complexity, Energy and the Globalised Economy - David Korowicz

Question and answer with Richard Heinberg who argues the Occupy Movement is the "End of Growth Uprising" caused by energy and oil depletion - and calls for community resilience

Preparing communities for energy descent and the end of growth - blog of Rob Hopkins the founder of the Transition Movement


David Orrell - "Economyths. Ten Ways that Economics Gets it Wrong" Icon Books 2010 - a relatively easy read on why so much of economics is rubbish

Philip B Smith and Manfred Max-Neef "Economics Unmasked. From power and greed to compassion and the common good" Green Books 2011 - outlines the foundations of a new economics where justice, human dignity and compassion are the guiding values.

Steve Keen - "Debunking Economics. The naked emperor dethroned" 2nd edition, Zed Books 2011 - a heavyweight text - should help economics students make the life of their teachers miserable - puts a wrecking ball to the garbage in standard economic textbooks.

Donella Meadows, Jorgen Randers Dennis Meadows "Limits to Growth - The 30 Year Update" Earthscan 2005 - shows why growth cannot continue on a finite planet - which is bad news for the banks!

Yves Smith - "Econned - How Unenlightened Self Interest Undermined Democracy and Corrupted Capitalism" Palgave Macmillan 2010 - Heavyweight text - explains the explosion of fraud and criminality in the finance sector and the failure of politicians to get to grips with it

Nicholas Shaxon - "Treasure Islands" Bodley Head, 2011 - About Tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions - e.g. the Cayman Island where you can go to prison just for asking for banking secrets.

John Bellamy Foster - The Ecological Revolution - Making Peace with the Planet, Monthly Review Press 2009 - claims that Karl Marx addressed ecological issues with insight

Richard Douthwaite and Gillian Fallon (eds) "Fleeing Vesuvius - Overcoming the risks of environmental and economic collapse" Feasta Books, 2010 - a collection of essays on different aspects of the crisis, financial and environmental - appearing in the UK and Ireland, the USA and New Zealand. The essays are being published on the Feasta website at where they ae available free

List compiled by Brian Davey of Cafe Economique Nottingham as a service for Occupy Nottingham